Waste Receptacles

With easy access doors, flare-top or flat-top designs, and the ability to complement any other Vista Furnishings products.

Waste Receptacles

Streamline your aesthetics by placing similarly themed items together, or mix-and-match with various styles, the choice is yours. 

Waste Receptacles

Vista waste receptacles are sure to fit in with your existing park or community space.

Waste Receptacles


Introducing WASTE RECEPTACLES by Vista

Maintaining cleanliness and order in public spaces is a crucial aspect of community care, and having strategically placed, well-designed waste receptacles plays a significant role in achieving this. Vista’s waste receptacles provide not just functionality but also contribute to the aesthetic harmony of your space.

Crafted to align with Vista benches seamlessly, our waste receptacles come in many materials and styles. You can opt for a uniform look by placing similarly themed items together or make a unique statement by mixing and matching different styles.

Choose from the same laser-cut steel patterns, recycled plastic, or Red Batu Brazilian hardwood surfaces found in our bench series to create a cohesive look for your public space. The visual appeal of our waste receptacles goes beyond just looking good – it encourages responsible waste disposal and promotes a clean and healthy environment.

Equipped with easy-access doors and available in flare-top or flat-top designs, our waste receptacles offer convenience and flexibility. With the ability to complement any bench series, they will seamlessly integrate into your existing park, community space, or urban streetscape.

Vista’s waste receptacles underscore our commitment to creating beautiful, functional, and sustainable outdoor spaces. Opt for these essential pieces and play your part in keeping your community clean and green.

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