SUPERIOR Bench Series

Benches in the Superior line come in a large assortment of styles and can be tailored to fit a wide variety of spaces and aesthetics.

SUPERIOR Bench Series

The Superior series of benches combines sophistication, comfort, and durability, all at a very competitive price.

SUPERIOR Bench Series

This series offers lots of styles, so there is certain to be a Superior bench for everyone.

Introducing the SUPERIOR Series


In homage to the world’s largest freshwater lake, Vista Furnishings is proud to introduce the Superior Series. Just as Lake Superior is all-encompassing in its grandeur, so too is our Superior collection in its versatility and expansive range of styles. Crafted to cater to diverse spaces and aesthetics, this series of outdoor benches and park furniture embodies adaptability and style.

Each piece in the Superior series is a celebration of sophistication, comfort, and durability, all made available at a highly competitive price. This series is fully customizable, offering a plethora of options to perfectly suit your needs. Choose between vertical or horizontal metal slats, curved or straight frames, and arched-back or straight-back designs. We even offer multiple types of wood to further ensure the right fit for every customer.

The Superior series is a demonstration of Vista’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Each bench in this series is not just a piece of park furniture, but a promise of superior comfort, style, and durability.

Experience the Superior Series by Vista Furnishings and discover the true meaning of superior design and comfort in park furniture. There is indeed a Superior bench for everyone. Immerse in the breadth of options and let our park benches redefine your outdoor spaces. The Superior Series – where versatility meets excellence in park bench design.

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