SHADE Series

Thermal comfort for people is a top priority. Vista Furnishings help you achieve thermal comfort in poorly shaded areas.

SHADE Series

You can add Vista shade to tables, benches, or even bike racks to keep the seats and people cool from hot sunny days.

Shade Series


Introducing the SHADE SERIES by Vista

Elevate your outdoor spaces with Vista’s new Shade Series while prioritizing guest comfort. Providing essential protection from the elements, these innovative additions also enhance the aesthetic appeal of your environment with their distinct laser-cut designs.

Designed to complement our line of furnishings perfectly, these shade elements can be added to tables, benches, and even bike racks. No more worrying about overheated seats in the sun – our Shade Series ensures a cooler, more comfortable experience for all.

Show your appreciation for the bicycle commuters in your community by offering them a cool, shaded spot to park their bikes. Similarly, encourage more outdoor socializing with shaded tables and benches that make summer gatherings more comfortable.

Vista’s Shade Series is about more than just comfort – it’s about creating welcoming spaces that encourage connection and community. Elevate your outdoor furnishing game and make your spaces more inviting with our Shade Series’s smart, stylish solutions.

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