Moraine Bench Series

Capturing the serene majesty of Lake Moraine, Vista’s Moraine Series mirrors the lake’s vibrant hues through unique laser-cut patterns and premium materials. Much like the standout turquoise waters of the lake, our Moraine benches, with striking Brazilian Red Batu hardwood or recycled plastic seats, command attention. They are more than benches; they are an homage to nature’s artistry, representing a synergy of timeless beauty and enduring durability.

Moraine Bench Series

Just as the turquoise waters of Lake Moraine effortlessly blend with the surrounding snow-capped mountains, our Moraine Series benches exhibit remarkable versatility in style and placement. They have been designed to integrate seamlessly with other Vista frame ends from the Tahoe, Superior, and Huron series. This distinctive design flexibility allows our Moraine benches to be a perfect fit in a diverse array of settings, whether it be urban landscapes or rustic parklands. Their harmonious combination of aesthetic appeal and adaptability echoes the serene adaptability of Lake Moraine itself, creating a truly cohesive outdoor experience for any environment.

Introducing the Moriane Series by Vista


Welcome to the exquisite Moraine Series of park benches by Vista Furnishings, where striking aesthetic appeal meets enduring durability. Each piece in this collection is designed to mirror the captivating charm and tranquil beauty of Lake Moraine, lending a touch of natural elegance to any setting.

Our Moraine benches are masterfully crafted from 2” square x 0.125” (50.8 x 3.18 mm) HSS Tubing, promising strength and resilience that stand the test of time. We ensure superior adhesion and a lasting finish on every bench through a meticulous process of sandblasting and applying a zinc-coated primer. This attention to detail and commitment to quality make our benches functional furniture pieces and enduring elements of your venue’s aesthetic appeal.

The distinctive features of the Moraine series lie in their beautifully laser-cut bench backs. Choose from a range of engaging steel patterns – Infinity, Diagonal, or Horizontal – each designed to evoke a sense of sophistication and depth. To elevate the visual appeal further, you can opt for our bench seats made from sustainable, aesthetically pleasing recycled plastic or premium Brazilian Red Batu hardwood.

These benches are then finished with our super-durable paint, sealing their elegance while retaining their allure even under the harshest environmental conditions.

With the Moraine series, you’re not just choosing a bench; you’re choosing a piece of art that combines strength, durability, and environmental consciousness. Experience the harmonious fusion of nature-inspired design and exceptional craftsmanship only with Vista Furnishings’ Moraine Series.

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