HURON Bench Series

With a timeless, elegant style, Huron benches are right at home in even the most refined areas bringing a touch of old-world charm.

HURON Bench Series

Your choice of either vertical or horizontal aluminum slats mounted on a classic solid cast-aluminum frame.

HURON Bench Series

Environmentally Sustainable Red Batu slats offer unrivalled
beauty and elegance backed by outstanding durability.

Introducing the HURON Series


Drawing inspiration from the majestic and cosmopolitan aura of the second-largest Great Lake, Vista Furnishings proudly presents the Huron Series. This collection of outdoor benches and park furniture embodies timeless elegance and old-world charm, enhancing even the most sophisticated spaces with its poised presence.

Each piece in the Huron series is a testament to enduring style and craftsmanship. The benches, crafted from metal, offer the versatility of either vertical or horizontal slats, mounted on a classically designed solid cast-aluminum frame. To add an enchanting pastoral charm, opt for the robust Red Batu hardwood option.

For those seeking to elevate their outdoor spaces further, our arched and curved benches offer graceful, fluid lines, amplifying the benches’ cultured appeal. The Huron series embraces the majesty of Lake Huron, creating a distinguished look that seamlessly blends sophistication with durability.

Experience the Huron Series by Vista Furnishings and transform your outdoor spaces into elegant landscapes. Introduce the timeless charm and sophisticated elegance of our park furniture into your surroundings and watch them come to life. The Huron Series, where durability meets elegance in park bench design.

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