ERIE Bench Series

Lake Erie is known for its changeable temperament, and so it is only fitting that Vista’s Erie series is equally dynamic.  

ERIE Bench Series

Erie series can be paired with other Vista frame ends from the Tahoe, Superior, and Huron series for greater versatility in style and placement.

Introducing the ERIE Series


Inspired by the ever-evolving temperament of Lake Erie, Vista Furnishings proudly presents the dynamic and captivating Erie Series. This collection of outdoor park benches and park furniture effortlessly combines artistry with universality, mirroring the lake’s mesmerizing charm.

At the core of the Erie Series is our unique infinity steel laser-cut pattern. This singular design element exhibits the perfect blend of form and function, rendering it as aesthetically pleasing as it is enduring.

Further enhancing its appeal, the Erie series displays exceptional versatility. It seamlessly pairs with the frame ends from our Tahoe, Superior, and Huron series. The outcome? An incredible blend of styles that offers endless possibilities for placement and layout in your park or outdoor space.

Experience the Erie Series by Vista Furnishings, where the fusion of artistic designs and robust durability resonates with the essence of outdoor park furniture. Enhance your landscapes with our products and let the serene ambiance of Lake Erie transform your spaces. With the Erie Series, your search for the ideal park bench ends here.

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