About Us

Vista Furnishings is committed to superior design, quality, innovation, and respect for our environment.

Vista Furnishings

The Vista Furnishings manufacturing facility has been supplying the recreational industry with products for 44 years.  The latest production addition of Vista Site Furnishings shares the same commitment to superior design, quality, innovation, and respect for the environment.

Using high-quality sustainable materials, Vista Furnishings combines this with the latest in computer-aided design including 3-D printing, laser-cut patterns, and CNC machine.

We listen to our customers’ feedback and make changes to our systems and products as required.

Besides our vast array of products, we welcome the opportunity to partner with you to make any project unique by taking advantage of our custom design and fabrication capabilities.

We support and practice the culture of continuous improvement with respect to design, systems, equipment, materials, and coatings.

We are dedicated to protecting the environment and closely monitor government and environmental agency recommendations and warnings with respect to materials and processes and implement changes accordingly.